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Christ The King Catholic School

Pre-K3 to 8 Catholic School
3401 Tidewater Drive
Norfolk, Virginia 23509

2015 National Blue Ribbon School

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The Christ The King School clinic will be open at all times during school hours. Ms. Susan Bazinet, RN will coordinate the operation of the clinic. Some commonly asked questions:
Every student must have a recent physical on the Virginia State physical form. The Virginia Department of Health MCH-213D Form for physical examinations and immunizations is provided by the office. This form is also available in the school clinic and online (see link below). The immunization requirements for admission are also available in the school clinic, with your admission packet, and online at the Virginia Department of Health (
Yes, your child may be given over the counter medication and prescription medication only if the following requirements are met:
Must have a signed medication administration form completed by your physician and signed by the parent. The medication must be brought to the clinic in the original box by the parent or an adult. The medication MAY NOT be brought to school by the child.
We have an allergy form that needs to be filled out by the parent and the physician. If it is necessary, an epi-pen can be kept in the cafeteria, clinic and/or the classroom. Also, we provide allergy reaction information to the class and the teachers. We have allergy education videos available in the clinic. We provide a peanut free lunch table in the cafeteria for students 3rd grade and younger and for others at parent request.
Students with food allergies must provide their own snacks for snack time or special parties to be stored in a covered container and kept in the classroom.
We do not encourage children to carry their inhalers with them. We would prefer to keep them in the clinic. However, if you child is that severe that a doctor has filled out the form stating that he must carry an inhaler with him at all times, it will be permitted.
Chickenpox: school exclusion for seven days or until vesicles become dry.
Conjunctivitis (pink eye): Students may not attend if discharge is present and must be treated with medication. A note from the doctor is required to return to school.
Bacterial infections: May return once the child has been on antibiotics for twenty-four hours, and is fever free for twenty-four hours.
Vomiting, diarrhea and/or fever: May not return to school unless the student has not vomited for twenty-four hours (pre-school and morning care only), has not had diarrhea for twenty-four hours and has not had a fever for twenty-four hours.
Helpful Links:

Virginia Department of Health
MRSA Infections
H1N1 Virus

Emergency Information Sheet:

The first week of school, an emergency information sheet will be sent home with your child. This form must be completed and returned immediately to the clinic. On the form is an area where it asks if your child has any medical conditions that we may need to be aware of, we ask that you please complete this part of the form each year. Together, you, your child, and the school nurse can build a relationship to benefit your child.