Pre-K2 Class: 


  • Students can start the day they turn two.
  • Our preschool-based creative curriculum is used to help the developing two-year-old minds and enrich language from baby signs to socializing.
  • This room will also influence outdoor and large-motor play, healthy eating and habits, and opportunities to use meaningful investigation of their world.

Early Learners: 


  • Our Preschool curriculum stimulates curiosity and promotes effective and confident learning.
  • Teachers use rhyming and hands-on activities to encourage foundational reading, writing, math, and science skills.
  • We encourage our students to be respectful, be kind, be considerate of others, listen, and follow directions.

Junior Kindergarten Program: 


  • Consensus Curriculum designed by the Diocese of Richmond provides developmentally appropriate learning experiences across seven different areas:
    • Social and emotional
    • Language and literacy
    • Mathematics and critical thinking
    • Social Studies
    • The arts
    • Spiritual growth
  • This class establishes a strong sense of community in which students form a strong relationship with peers and adults.